The Government of Malawi, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has implemented the Aid Management Platform (AMP) as a tool for the government and donors to track and share information related to aid-funded activities. AMP is a web-based tool, developed by Development Gateway, that allows governments and donors to track aid flows, create customized reports, and coordinate activities. The system now includes data visualization and aid mapping tools to allow for more in-depth analysis of development assistance in Malawi.

AMP is a live system- the data is updated on a monthly basis. The information in the AMP comes directly from the source: the donors that are working in Malawi. Currently, over 25 major bilateral and multilateral donor agencies are reporting directly to AMP, and the data is used by the government for every-day project management and coordination. Additionally, Government ministries and agencies in Malawi are now using the system to monitor aid projects.   

Please note that this version of the AMP platform has been designed for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9 (or above) and Mozilla Firefox 32 (or above) and Chrome 37.

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